Monday, December 08, 2008

Plotting the course…

I thought it would be cool if you could recommend you’re favorite coastal town to help us plot our course.  Post in the comments section below and I’ll add your recommendation to the map (see the Links section).  We want this to be just as much your adventure to help create and follow as it is our dream to come true!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Preparing the menu!

All within the last week, 3 things have come up that prompted this post.  The first was Brittany’s dad, Jim, offering advice to not have a refrigerator – as to make for one less thing that could go wrong on the boat, #2 - Wally’s tip to “not have anything on board that you don’t know or can’t fix,” and #3 - Chef Ella offering her cooking tips.  Brittany and I have been talking about putting together our menu… as you can see at #9 on the “So much to do!” post - and I think this post is a great place to start.  I’m looking to you, the loyal followers of our blog, for all of your favorite quick, delicious recipes… that can be made with all non-perishable items.  Be a part of this great journey by posting a suggested recipe for us in the “Comments” section below.  Thx!

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