Sunday, December 07, 2008

Preparing the menu!

All within the last week, 3 things have come up that prompted this post.  The first was Brittany’s dad, Jim, offering advice to not have a refrigerator – as to make for one less thing that could go wrong on the boat, #2 - Wally’s tip to “not have anything on board that you don’t know or can’t fix,” and #3 - Chef Ella offering her cooking tips.  Brittany and I have been talking about putting together our menu… as you can see at #9 on the “So much to do!” post - and I think this post is a great place to start.  I’m looking to you, the loyal followers of our blog, for all of your favorite quick, delicious recipes… that can be made with all non-perishable items.  Be a part of this great journey by posting a suggested recipe for us in the “Comments” section below.  Thx!

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Anonymous said...

Lin Pardey wrote an awesome book we refer to called "The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew."

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