Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gutted and Stuffed!

Last weekend, Scott and I "gutted" our boat to prepare for our engine haul-out which is going to take place November 7th (rebuilding an engine is akin to getting a BRAND NEW ENGINE - this is very exciting for us).  We drove over to Canal Street Marina in the morning and hauled out every cushion and rug (who doesn't have wall to wall in their boat!?); each bag, box or morsel of food, every article of clothing, and every single book, magazine and manual.  We then proceeded to STUFF (and cram, and jam) all of it into our (two door) vehicles.   We still have more too off-load, but due to the fact that we only had my VW bug and our dear friend's Saab - we   The point of removing all this 'excess' is to have a blank canvas in which to work (and to save our beautiful upholstery from damage), since - as I mentioned about 100 times - we have a lot to do.  Have you ever tried stuffing 14 boat cushions (plus gear, plus canvas, plus books..) into a VW bug?  I thought my little car was just going to bust open with foam and fabric! 

Though the photos don't *really* do justice to the "stuff job", you can definitely see the difference in our once homey and cozy interior! Stay tuned for "Engine Haul Out 101"!


Brittany & Scott

1 comment:

Kev said...

That poor little Bug, you kick the crap out of her.

The relaunch of Rasmus this coming Summer will truly be an epic day. I must be there!

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