Monday, November 16, 2009

The Proposal: An Engagement Story begins at 6:30am with our alarm going off...we are getting up early to make the drive to Detroit for Scott's niece Nycole's 5th birthday party and we have to hit the road early.  Ugh.

"Should I shower?" I wonder out loud, deciding against it since a) it buys me a couple more minutes in bed and b) we'll be sitting in the car for 5 hours.

We get ready, throw a few things into our bags and get into the car.

"Oh!" exclaims Scott, "Let's swing by the boat and get those measurements for my mom" he looks at me, and sees a faint look of 'lets just hit the road' - and says, "It's on the way, and we've put it off so long". Okay, no biggie. We do keep forgetting those measurements.
The "measurements" are for cockpit cushions that his mom (bless her!) wants to have made for us.  She has been asking for them all summer, and we KEEP forgetting to get them to her. So this is a legit "excuse".

On to the boat we go.

Once we get to the boat yard, I tell Scott, "I'll just wait in the car" (as he knew I would - am I so predictable?) and he proceeds in without me (after a few unsuccessful and frantic tries to unlock the gate, he finally gets it - phew!). I just sit back and flip my way through my new Women's Health, basking in the November sunlight as I read about excersizes that are sure to keep my butt in shape over the holidays.

About 5 minutes later, my phone rings. It is Scott. "Hon, I need help with these measurements, can you just come up here quick and help me?"

I do think it odd that he needs help with something as simple as measuring, but it raises no suspicions, and I reply "Sure, be right up!" and to the boat I go.

Let me preface this by saying I could not have ordered a more beautiful day. There is not a cloud in the sky, the sun is casting that perfect golden morning light across everything, and already the temperature is 60 degrees!!  It is only 8am!! Heaven!

I climb up the scaffolding to our boat and see a smiling Scott.  I clamor up and over the life lines and onto the deck and immediately see rose petals EVERYWHERE.

Then I knew.  Holy crap.  This is really happening!

I gasp because I did NOT see this coming.  (I mean we have very seriously talked about marriage and knew it'd happen, but I didn't suspect this day, this morning).  Scott gets down on one knee, procurs a box with a ring, and with a little quiver in his voice says, "Brittany, I am so in love with you and cannot imagine spending my life with anyone other than you. Will you marry me?"

With tears of joy in my eyes I throw my arms around Scott's neck and exclaim, "Yes!".

Aside from trying to put the ring on my right finger, it goes off without a hitch. It is perfect. I couldn't have dreamt a more appropriate way for us to get engaged; in a boat yard next to the river, on our boat, on pretty much the most perfect day that 2009 has given Chicago. Scott brings out a bottle of champagne (the good stuff!!) and, true to form, we drink the whole thing.  Bliss.

We sit in the cockpit - hugging, kissing and making excited phone calls to close friends and family.  All with giant grins plastered on our faces.

About an hour later, we drive to Michigan (we still had a 5th birthday party to attend at Chuck E. Cheese's). We play one game of "Deal or No Deal", choosing the case that represents our special day, 14. We win.  The crowd of tweens and toddlers go wild as 50 whole tickets spew out of the machine.  High fives all around.  We think we have hit the jackpot but apparently, at Chuck E. Cheese, 50 tickets will get you little more than a few stickers or a plastic commemorative spoon. 

Either way, we think its a good sign.


Brittany and Scott


Colleen said...

Congratulations, Brittany and Scott! What a great story for two great people!

Lara Kercinik said...

LOVE this story - Love you two!!! Cannot wait to celebrate. Awesome stuff.

Unknown said...

Good stuff. Congrats!!!!!!!

flash said...

Why not have a baby (after getting married of course)in the Indian Ocean;wonder what the nationality would be?write that best -selling book.
Congrats on your forthcoming marriage and journey,best wishes to you both.Kev.

Lisa Hanneman said...

Wooooo hoooooo! Let the party begin... Once you choose a venue and date, of course.

K said...

Congratulations!!! I paused when I saw your ring because mine came in the SAME kind of box and we both went the 3-stone route. Your man has great taste ;) Best wishes and a beautiful future for you!!

flash said...

All the best to you both.Vicky.

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