Monday, December 14, 2009

The ocean is calm and serene...UNLESS...

Sigh.  Nothing like video simulation to really bring the point home.

Brittany and Scott


Debra Jean said...

Hi! My husband has been reading your blog for a while, and I have finally started reading it, too. We have different approaches, however.

He flips through your posts randomly by following the "you may also like" links your have at the end of whichever post he happens to be reading.

Me? I read each initial section in order: About us, Our boat, etc. Then found your previous posts and started from the very beginning and have been working my way forward. (I do know about the Sea Monkey that is on the way, and I'm very excited for y'all!)

So.. I digress.. my point to this is, as I haven't been reading this real-time, I've just come to this post, and the video has been removed by the user. *sad*

So what was it??? :P LOL!

Windtraveler said...

Oh - haha - it was just a man overboard drill (simulated and computer generated) that featured sharks circling the person after they were in the water. Must have been removed for some reason? Weird.

Debra Jean said...

Ok, yeah. That's creepy. And given your affection for sharks.... I can see why you were compelled to post it. ;)

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