Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

A lot of you (okay, all 3 of you who actually read this) have been asking about how the survey went – waiting with bated breath since I left you hanging with my last post (humor me, will you?). Well – the survey came back EXCELLENT. We are happy to report we are not dealing with a lemon, but a beautiful, wonderful mango (not sure what is on the other side of the fruit spectrum, but since mango is my fave – I’ll go with that).

Let me back up a little and give you the full serendipitous turn of events…So, as it turns out – in all the research we have been doing on the Hallberg-Rassy Rasmus 35 Scott came across an online scuttlebutt where there was a post from a fellow Rasmus owner named “Rourke” from Chicago. Well, Scott actually used to work with a fellow by that name and thought…"Hmmmm, could it be??” So he called his Rourke and sure enough, it was him! Scott’s old friend is also a proud owner of a Rasmus with a ketch rig! Small world right? Oh – it gets smaller...

So when we contacted the gentleman that our broker suggested for the survey, he gave us the trusted name of Marc Nugent who ALSO happens to be yacht club friends with Rourke. This little ship of ours is connecting all sorts of dots!

So Rourke was all excited to see a sister ship to his, and since he knows the boat so well he accompanied Marc on the survey. All day long Rourke was excitedly calling and texting Scott with updates: “She looks like she’s been kept in a time capsule!” “This boat has me all excited for things I want to do with my boat” and all sorts of other “ooooohh’s and aaahhhh’s”. We were very happy.

Then the actual survey came and one of the very first lines reads: “The vessel was found to be in above average to pristine condition with no major damage”. It goes on for twenty-six pages explaining in very nautical and specific terms, why.

So folks – GAME ON!! We are so, so, so excited and I have to say – I am so, so proud of myself for having found such a gem of a boat! But, as I said before – if you want something bad enough, the universe conspires to give it to you. Thank you universe!!

Sea trial in 2 weeks!! Then….it’s OURS!! Closing date: June 21st!!
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