Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time is Money and Money is Time my Friends...

What in the heck have we been doing you ask?  Well, the answer is: Not much (save a lot of internet research).  BUT our lack of progress on our list has taught me a lesson (and who doesn't love a good lesson?): I should have paid the extra dough and stored the boat INSIDE.  Gotta love hindsight.  The bastard.  But really, we are at a standstill. 

Our boat is frozen all over the place (even all our cleaning supplies that we didn't have the foresight to take off the boat are bloated and frozen solid), we *may* have burst some sort of 'reserve' water tank we didn't know we had (the guy who winterized the boat distinctly remembers doing our 'main' water tank), and we can only *hope* our shrink wrapping has withstood the foot or so of heavy, wet snow that pummeled the Midwest over the past 24 hours.  So - yeah, thinking that we were actually going to get any "real" work done in the smack-dab-middle-of-winter while our boat was outside in the elements (in Chicago, no less) was stupid wishful thinking. 

Being an incredibly "efficient" person by nature - I am DEFINITELY of the mindset that time is money, and visa versa.  The money we would have spent storing our little frozen beauty in nice and toasty heated storage unit would have been worth all the time we'd have been able to spend working on her.  That and we wouldn't have an ice rink in her bilge and a bunch of worthless frozen cleaning products. 


I'm going to remember this one for the future.


Brittany & Scott


Creative Spirit said...

Wow, it certainly sounds like you guys learned a BIG lesson a bit too late. BUT, AS God is good, he will provide for you and make it work. Be patient and pray a bunch.
Hope you had a great time in Royal sorry I wasn't there.

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