Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jerry Whipple should have stuck with the lazy river

I am not Jerry Whipple, but I might as well be.

Every now and then you read a news story that seems just too good to be true.  And then it is true.  And then you laugh.  Really, really hard.

Such is the story of Jerry Whipple, who started out July 24th in the best way possible: floating on a pool raft in the ocean, under the Florida sun, with a beer (or two, or three...?) in hand.  Unfortunately, Jerry Whipple had one too many and passed out cold.  A boater spotted him about a mile offshore and honked their horn, which did nothing to rouse him.  The Coast Guard was called.  Jerry was rescued.  The story hit the press, and one lucky bastard dodged a Darwin Award.

Read the full story here.  Enjoy.

Brittany & Scott


Unknown said...

I am new to your blog. I to have a HR rasmus 35 which i have recently purchased to do what you are now doing.
a am going to repower soon. which yanmar did you install ? any problems with your hydrolic steering ? those are my 2 major concerns now. are you going to install a wind vane steerer. what type of water maker do you suggest ? Thank you very much--Calvin
S/V Loonfeather

Windtraveler said...

Hi Calvin - there is a LOT of information on this site about what we did to our boat, check our the Refit page and you will see your answers. We did away with the Hydraullic steering and went with Edson chain and conduit steering for peace of mind. Please refer to our "refit" page for the rest and email us at windtraveler09(at) if you have any questions!

You'll love the Rasmus - she is a fantastic boat!!

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