Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Weekend in Numbers

4 - The number of times we went to West Marine
3 - The number of DC outlets installed
1 - The number of Arches that came to the boat for a semi-final fitting!
2 - The number of power sanders used to finish off stripping the teak
22 - The number of pieces of sandpaper we used with those sanders
11 - The number of times I called Tom Fabula from "Honey Teak"
4 - The number of coats of "Honey Teak" we applied to the toe rails
3 - The number of coats of "Clear Coat" we applied to the toe rails
2 - The number of times we went to ISTANBUL for dinner, our most fave restaurant EVER
10 - The number of bottles of wine we (and friends) drank after 12+ hour days of boat work
4 - The number of Tylenol we took to get over the hangovers from those bottles of wine
2 - The number of winches removed to be serviced
11 - The number of Potbelly's sandwiches that I bought for all our helpers this weekend
10 - The number of Canadian geese who mysteriously appeared at our boat at twilight yesterday
42 - The number of man hours that went into our boat this weekend (so far)!
1,213 - The number of projects we still have left to do
24 - The number of days left until our intended departure date!

We are kicking butt and taking names people!

Brittany and Scott


Documentary said...

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How about the article, is that other, very interesting.Maybe you'd let you comment on my site.
Anyway, blog is great. Good luck!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sounds like ya'll are in high gear! Would love to see some pics of the Jimmy Buffet concert.

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