Monday, September 20, 2010

Knowing What We Know Now

Honestly, it is downright crazy to look back and see all that we have accomplished.  I mean, please, humor me and take a look at our "To Do" list and give us a virtual "high five".  Looking at that list and seeing all that we have done to our little boat is nothing short of amazing.

Sat-is-fac-tion.  Big time.

The other day my best friend asked me if, knowing what I know now, would it have been better to have bought a newer boat?  Because, truth be told, dollar for dollar we absolutely could have bought a brand new boat and saved ourselves hundreds upon hundreds of man hours and a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears in the meantime.

But then the experience - both in the journey to get here and in the knowledge we've gained - would have been lost.

Therefore, the answer is 100% no.  I wouldn't change one single thing about what we did and how we did it.   Even if I did get poop on me in the process.  Our wide-eyed naivete allowed us to buy a boat that might not have been the best investment financially, but the lessons we learned fixing her up will pay dividends for the rest of our lives.

We know our little boat like the back of our hands and had one heck of a trip getting her to where she is today.  So many people contributed.  So many friendships were made and so many lives were connected because of this little boat.  And here she is, about to embark on the journey of her life - bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before.

So I wouldn't change a thing.

Our next boat, however?  Yeah.  That'll be a newer model for sure.  We've earned our stripes.  And now we actually know what to look for.

Brittany & Scott


Erick said...

This reassures me about what I'm against. The main reason I decided to buy a project boat was to acquire the skills needed to repair and maintain the boat. I had pretty much 0 experience fixing and maintaining anything, much less a boat before this. I didn't want to go out on the high seas without the knowledge of how to repair and maintain my own boat. I am basically putting myself through a sort of school by learning how to make this boat work.

Philippe said...

I second Erick comment, we bought a used boat for the same reason. You guys definitely did some great work on Rasmus. The list is also very useful for others planning the same work/project. Cheers to all that work!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

We have an older boat too, and even a brand new boat needs adjustments and additions. So I think we all made the right decision. However, I'm feeling a little inadequate seeing all that you've accomplished in the middle of getting married. We really need to get in high gear!

Lisa Hanneman said...

You two are the cutest little boat-fixer-uppers ever!

I get it. It's kind of like a house. You can buy a new house, but there's something really charming about an old house and the memories of your work that you can't recreate.

Abby said...

Already planning your 'next boat' huh? Thinking of you :)

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