Friday, October 15, 2010

Awesome Person of the Week: Bill Fleming

Bill Fleming came to us by way of our blog - which is awesome in and of itself!  He wrote to us a few weeks back after he saw that our journey would take us right past where he lives with his family, and he offered up his help and services should we need them when we arrived.

What an awesome guy.

We emailed back and forth in the days prior to our arrival in Buffalo, each time with a new question - and Bill always had an answer within an hour.  He was super helpful, super friendly and just an all around good guy.

And he's a CSI detective - how cool is that!?

Bill is also an avid sailor and very active in his local Yacht Club (in fact, I think he is commodore?) so he 'gets it'.

While we were working on our engine after our transmission woes, suddenly Bill popped his head in the cockpit.  "Hey there!  I'm Bill Flemming."

What a nice surprise! He had found our exact location (down to the slip) because of our SPOT locator.  He brought with him some home-made jams, sauces and soup (which we already ate, it was amazing) that he and his wife, Chris, had made.  Nothing like home cookin'!  He also drove us to the boat yard where we needed to inquire about engine stuff.  Just a boater, helping out fellow boaters.  Whatta guy.

Anyway, here's to you Bill!  Thanks so much for all your kindness and support!  We totally appreciate it!


Brittany & Scott

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Chels-pup said...

Awesome guy? are you kidding? he's an ANGEL! Thank you, Bill Flemming, for taking care of my sister and Scott! Clearly you bring a whole new meaning to blogging "community".

(This is all too reminiscent of couch surfing, Britto. Recall those day?? haha. Love you!)

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