Monday, October 11, 2010


Although we’ve been asked so many questions about our trip, the one question that I haven’t been asked but have often asked myself is… “How do you think the trip will change you?” 

I’ve never been one to believe in going out and “finding yourself” but I can’t help but wonder how this trip will change me and what, if anything, I might “find.”  I’ve been told, and I’m really looking forward to the fact that we’ll come back as electricians, plumbers, engine mechanics, and, of course, better sailors - but I’m really curious about how else we’ll change.  I believe that we are products of our life experiences and it is what we choose to do with them that really makes us who we are.  Some experiences are good, some are bad, and some, as we saw only days after setting off, are downright terrifying!  But with the right attitude, you can choose to learn from every experience and turn each and every one into a personal change for the better.  Some of the changes I anticipate are…

1.  Learning to be more patient – Just the nature of being on a boat that won’t go much faster than about 7 knots should make this one pretty easy.

2.  Becoming more diligent – I think we are both pretty hard working as it is but with as many systems that we have on the boat to ensure they keep working properly, I think we’ll become that much better at this.

3.  Learning how to fish – Although not as deep as the previous 2, this is a must as we are both looking forward to fresh caught seafood for dinner!

4.  Making every minute count – we have already gotten to see a lot of our friends and family so far and we’ll be meeting so many great people along the way.  With most, the time will be brief and it’ll be very important to make the most of every minute with all of them.

These are just a few examples of some changes we’re sure to see and we’re so excited for all of the experiences and changes that lie ahead!

Scott (that’s right, my first post!) (& Brittany)


Lisa Hanneman said...

While I agree that change is healthy. I just have to day it: Don't change too much, we love you two just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by your ability to express your thoughts about change and it sure encourages you to continually look into your own soul. Great essay Scott! Hope to hear from you again. Britt needs a break once in awhile, lol!

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