Friday, October 22, 2010

The Erie Canal!

The Erie Canal is FULL of History.  

It was an incredible feat at the time, and provided a much needed "Gateway to the West" for the East Coast.  Huge barges were used to move goods along the canal, pulled by horses and handlers.  The canal meanders through gorgeous Upstate New York and is just full of beautiful vistas and panoramas.  In between the stretches of vast land, orchards, and farms are little towns and villages that feel as American as apple pie and baseball.  You can literally pull up and dock nearly anywhere and just step off of your boat and into the heart of a little "one horse" town.  Lovely.  

The days of the barges are gone, but the history is still here.  Now, the canal is mostly used for pleasure boats and cruisers - and for us, ironically - it is the passage to the East! 

Yesterday Scott and I found this old book in the Lock Masters office and poked through it.  So very cool.  I love older books and illustrations.  The pages even smelled all musty and library-like, not enough books smell like that anymore. 

This morning, we went down our first lock - a 50 footer in Lockport!  We are moving along nicely, and just enjoying this very calm and slow paced motor along one of America's most historic waterways.  

This is the life!


Brittany (& Scott)

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Jennifer said...

I'm so enjoying your writing Brittany and loving your adventures thus far. I hope you keep writing most everyday through out your journey!

So excited for you Scott and Brittany! Thanks for taking us 'along'.

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