Monday, October 25, 2010


Mmmm...Velveta shells and cheese!
This is where the cans were....
We realized (a while ago, actually) that one of our compasses was a teensy bit off course.  After some deductive reasoning and experimentation, we learned (as we had suspected) it was due to the fact that we had stored all of our canned goods near it (as in less than 3 feet away).

Compasses are magnetic, so any metal around them (particularly within a 3 foot radius) is not good.  Like - you could be headed to French Polynesia and wind up in Hawaii not good.  So today, as we crossed Lake Onieda, I decided it was time to get us back on course, and do some re-configuring of the cans (of which there are about 100, remember - we don't have refrigeration so canned food is where it's at!).

I am happy to say after about an hour and a half of moving this and that, we now have a boat that is organized not unlike the shelves of a grocery store! (Scott thought it was very "Sleeping with the Enemy" - sorry if you don't get the reference).

On top of that - I took stock of our food stores and now have a better idea where we are at on provisions aaaannnnd I made more efficient use of space so we have room for lots more goodies!  Win/win.

Oh yeah, and we're back on course...Onward!

So organized, the can's practically sing to you!
This is where the canned goods are now...this cabinet is about 5 feet long.

Brittany (& Scott)

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SailFarLiveFree said...

Great're an inspiration to my family and I! We've seen plenty of "round the world" blogs but it's nice to see a fellow Great Lakes' boat heading out. I'm particularly enjoying reading about the Erie Canal, as the Canal is on our potential cruise list for the 2011 season. Stay warm and keep the posts coming!

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