Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Update from "Up North"!

We're having a blast.  We just departed beautiful Mackinac Island - pronounced "Mack-in-awe" - (where Scott and I first met, awwww....) and are now entering new waters!  Neither of us have ever sailed on Lake Huron and we're looking forward to seeing what this side of Michigan has to offer.  Scott's mom, Sue, is with us and the three of us are enjoying the beautiful fall weather (it's in the 60's and sunny!), the water, the chats, and...yes...the wine (I have managed to sniff out every bar that serves a New Zealand sauv blanc...hooray!).  Life is good.  Here are some images that capture the "vibe" we're feeling:

We are doing another overnighter tonight and hope that it goes nothing like the last one to 'round the 'thumb' of Michigan (just look at a map if that makes no sense) sometime tomorrow morning!  Gaaarooovy.

On the flip side!

Brittany & Scott


Lisa Hanneman said...

After the storm, I think you guys deserve exactly what you're doing right now. Wish I was there to pour you another glass of sauv blanc. Miss you. xoxo

Cate Beirne said...

stay warm tonight! the pics are gorgeous!! the blog is a nice break from writing budget memos...boo

Bill said...

Nice pictures!

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