Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I'm not fit for the Crows Nest...

The crows nest is the spot on old ships that was high up on the mast, where a young deck hand would stand for hours and hours scanning the horizon;  looking for land, reefs, other ships and whatever else might be a hazard to the boat.

I have learned that I am not fit for that position.

I had what I call "botched" Lasik eye surgery about 8 years ago and, well, it didn't work so well.  Apparently I "looked away from the light" which is why my vision is not 20/20.  It's a long story that ended with me wandering, nay - staggering - blindfolded, arms outstretched and waving, into a waiting room in a total drugged up daze like some creature from the living dead after which I passed out in a narcoleptic style sleep and fell onto the waiting room chairs in front of some nice folks waiting their turn.  My mom actually had to carry me out.  Not sure how many people opted out of Lasik that day, but I neglected when they said they'd "zap me again" to correct the problem.  No thanks!

All these years my eyesight hasn't been a problem.  I knew it wasn't perfect, but I am by no means blind.  Sure, I couldn't read road signs from afar and took turns going 30 mph, but doesn't everyone?

Apparently not.

Fast forward to present day.   Our safety relies on the heath of our eyes.  Looking for buoys on the horizon, checking for unusual wave breaks, flotsam, currents, harbors, lights, other boats...etc.  Lots of little tiny things to spot all over the place.

When my brother came to visit us while we were in Wisconsin (right after we left for this trip) he brought with him a nice new pair of eyeglasses.  "What do you think?" he asked me. "Super cool!  I love them!  Let me try them!" I exlaimed.

And in that instant, the world - I kid you not - became clear.  I could read the specials of the day! The neon bar sign! I could even make out the numbers on the dartboard! And, is it true? Can I read that sign across the street?! Holy crap!  I had no idea, but I am in dire need of glasses!

More than once this trip my eyesight has been cause for concern. Take this exchange for example:

Me:  "Hey Scott, can you come up here a second and confirm my next red buoy?"
Scott:  "Sure"
Me:  "It's right there, at 3 o'clock...right?"
Scott: "Um, no Brittany...that is a crane...on shore"
Me: "Oooops....ummmm...do you see it?  The buoy?"
Scott:  (instantly) "Yes, it's right there, right off the bow."
(Scott throws me a look of dreaded concern...almost as if he's asking are you kidding me?)
Me:  "Okay, thanks!  Carry on!"
Scott does not leave the cockpit.

So, one of the things on our list of "things to do" in NYC (besides laundry and shower, which take precedence at this moment) is to head to a Pearl Vision, and get me some eyeglasses!

Scott will feel much better about me being "on watch" when he knows I can actually distinguish a buoy from a crane on shore!

Brittany (& Scott)


skyfaith said...

Eye sight is a overrated thing :-). I don't have the best eyesight either (maybe genetics?) and I should wear glasses. I have them but I just cant stand keeping up with them. However, when I am on the water I can see things in the distance that a lot of other people can't. Maybe it was a skill I learned from my days in the Navy standing forward look out from "the crows nest".
See ya soon!!


kerry mc said...

you are going to look soooo cute in glasses!!

Julie Melissa said...

ummm, this might be the cutest post ever. You are going to look super sexy in glasses!!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

I had Lasik over 10 years ago and my depth perception is the pits! Can't wait to hear about your stay in NYC! We love it there.

Last Paradise said...

Might I suggest 2 pairs of glasses? I distinctly remember losing my pair somewhere in the Marquesas... luckily I had a 2nd (really old prescription, but hey- beggars can't be choosers) In an amazing spin of the universe some friends found the lost ones in the surf a few days later, not a scratch on them! I might also suggest prescription sunnies- its hard to find cute ones but TOTALLY worth it when thats what you wear 90% of the time!!! XOXO

Unknown said...

Might be too late but Consumer Report just rated eyeglasses retailers. Costco tops them all. Personally, since I wear contacts most of the time, and glasses are just backups, I order from Zennioptical.com. Good and cheap.

skyfaith said...

Hey Brit and Scott!!!! I really like the glasses so pretty!! (btw this is sky) I am so excited for christmas tell Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jim I said hi!!!!1 Love u so much and miss you guys like crazy!!!! DUMBLDORE, HERMOINE,!!!! Funny times!!! See you guys soon and good luck on open waters.

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