Thursday, November 18, 2010

Images from Annapolis

This city is very historic. It's all curly-cues and calligraphy here.  

I like a town with a pub named "Dock Street"
Ego Alley.  This is where you park your fancy boat and stroke your ego.
Our boat was not here.
Wise words.
Beautiful architecture everywhere.
Though he does resemble Abe Lincoln, this is not him.
My favorite pic.  A little side street.

Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Looks like a great place for boaters! We need more of these.

Anonymous said...

You all have already made it to the East Coast! I had not checked out your blog in awhile due to our preparations. Annapolis is my hometown! I can't wait to sail our boat up to Chesapeake. You are heading to Solomons I see next...I don't think the Tiki Bar is still open, but check out Zanhisers marina...I sailed many a race out of Solomons in college. So glad you two are on your way!!!

Gretchen s/v Alchemy

Laura and Hans said...

Annapolis is a beautiful city! Hans kept his first boat there for many years (the second boat, our Knotty Cat, ended up in Kent Narrows). How well I remember walking around Ego Alley and admiring all the 'yachts', having no idea we'd end up tied up there some day. Yes, this summer,our poor Knotty Cat limped into port after a horribly rough day on the water and we ended up there for the night. It made her feel special.

Joey and Christine said...

Hey! Annapolis! How long will you guys be in town?? Sweet blog, we will be trying to catch up with you guys in approx a month when we will leave from Annap. See you south

Christine sv bright eyes

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