Saturday, November 27, 2010

Images from Oriental

We're thinking of coming to Oriental, NC for every Thanksgiving now.  This one was just way too much fun.  Tiki bars, fried turkey buffets, and boat people make for one heck of a good time.  Did I mention it was 71 degrees and we were in flip flops?  Yeah.  That helped too.  With no further ado, here are a few images to capture this special place they call "Oriental".

The Oriental Marina.  It was THE place to be.

We made VERY merry at the Toucan bar.  And I mean, VERY merry.

A little house, in a little town.

Some bikes outside the local coffee house, "The Bean".  This was THE place
to be in the a.m.  It seemed the whole town was there.  So fun.

Lots of industrial fishing here.
A huge thanks to my mom and dad for taking such good care of us and coming out to see us.  We had such a great time!

Brittany & Scott


TaylorMad1 said...

its cold in Michigan but warming through your adventure!

Skylark said...

What a fun looking place. In the future, I will have to make sure we are not in such a rush so I can get off the boat instead of just anchoring out for the night!

Maisis said...

Ah, yes, Thanksgiving in flipflops. Well, welcome to the the South my friends. :)

Happy post T-Day from central Texas, where flipflops are a T-day staple! :)

Alex Rooker said...

You undoubtedly are on your way to Beaufort. I have some recommendations for you:
BackStreet Bar ( behind Clawson's ) for a very sailor / local's atmosphere; restaurants- Captain Bill's or Sanitary Seafood ( Morehead City with tie-ups , call ahead). Both of the restaurants have been around for decades and offer a good example of NC fried seafood. Prices aren't too high. You can easily motor over to Morehead City and back to the Taylor Creek anchorage.

Beaufort will be your best spot until you hit Southport.

from there, I don't have any recommendations until Capt'n Poos near Little River / North Myrtle Beach. Poo's has drink and food specials + live music. As far as I know, you can tie up at Poo's.

Alex Rooker said...

Just saw your Tweet that you will jumpoffshore to Charleston.

Hope your charts flag the jetty at the entrance to Charleston. It has taken the bottom out of more than one boat! Advise you to stay offshore if you don't make it thru by dusk.

Once in, enjoy the Straw Market. Be sure to walk the Battery. Deli Sandwiches at Hymans are tops- as is the consistancy for their restaurant fare.

If you enjoy oysters, try Shem Creek, though it's across the bay on the Mt. Pleasant side.

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