Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the Chesapeake Bay!

Despite getting a bit of a late start yesterday due to a certain someone leaving her purse in the restaurant the night before (wince) - we decided to get out of Cape May and make our way up the Delaware Bay.  Being that we knew little to nothing about the Bay and the tides - and all I'd read were horror stories - I was a little nervous that we'd be "fighting" against the tide and navigating shoals at night since we left 3 hours later than planned.  Even the marina woman gave us a weary eye and said, "If you's don't like what ya see out there, come on back in...".  But Scott made the (very good) call and out we went.

I have no idea how it worked out like it did, but somehow we managed to ride that flooding tide all the way up the bay!  The wind was on the nose so we were motoring, but nearly the entire time we were going over 7 knots.  It wasn't nearly as bad as everyone said it would be* and this notoriously nasty bay was FLAT.  We are seriously getting spoiled by luck and good conditions.

Today we are bound for the Sailing Capitol of the US - Annapolis!  So excited.
Calm and flat in the C&D Canal

This was insane - we saw some crazy migration of TENS OF THOUSANDS, maybe even millions
of these little birds.  To quote Scott, "Holy crap, this is like some National Geographic thing!"
There was a constant stream of these birds for at least 20 minutes.  Nuts.

Bridges are pretty, but scary when you are a sailboat.


Brittany (& Scott)

* We are slowly (or quickly?) learning that pretty much any time people "warn" us of things - it's never as bad as they say it's going to be.  If we heeded every warning given to us - we'd still be in NYC.  Heck, we'd still be in Chicago!


Tamara said...

Gorgeous pics!

alex rooker said...

When you hit Annapolis, I have a restaurant suggestion for you. It is O'Leary's at 310 Third Street. Best crab cakes we found when last in the area. The crab beat the famous Robert Morris Inn version we had in Oxford. The meal was pricey, but still a great memory.
Current Menu link

The Ceol Mors said...

I lived on Randall Street in Annapolis in my ill spent youth. Make sure you get breakfast at Chick & Ruth's and go back sometime for a milkshake- they are the best! Also, get the steamed mussels at McGarveys and be sure you go see John Palu Jones Crypt. I used to love to go in there and just hang out in the quiet...

The Ceol Mors said...

I lived on Randall Street in my ill spent youth. Be certain you find time to eat at Chick & Ruth's, their milkshakes are fantastic!

Also, John Paul Jones crypt is well worht a visit. I used to love to go there as it was almost always empty save for the Marine Honor guard- so peaceful and beautiful.

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