Thursday, November 04, 2010

Update on our Bottom

Lots of people have been waiting with baited breath* on the state of our hull after our little meeting with a submerged rock.  Well...drum roll please...

I am happy to report it was just a flesh wound!

We decided not to haul the boat until after Scott dove it to assess the damage from underwater.  He did, and aside from a few scratches and a small gouge about 1/4 inch deep and an inch long - we are solid and sound.  If you knew how hard we hit, you would be shocked - I mean, the boat bounced for heaven's sake!  Bounced!  God I love our boat.

So, we're saving the $250 it would cost to do a short haul and going to wait to haul the boat in Florida, where we planned on hauling anyway to do a little work.

Seriously, thank you Hallberg Rassy for making a hull that is over an inch thick with fiberglass!  Our boat is strong, strong like bull.

Comforting.  Very, very comforting.


Brittany (& Scott)

*Not really


Brenda and David said...

We've been enjoying your blog and are so happy to learn that you had no major damage from the rock. You might wish to keep a small pack of underwater epoxy aboard so you can do a quick repair if this should happen in the future. There are several makers of such stuff, but we've learned that this "epoxyproducts" company has some good stuff (just add the .com to get to their site).

We wish you the best of luck in your travels--and perhaps we'll meet someday though we're far from you now (in California aboard our boat).

Fair winds,

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Glad to hear you have a good bottom! =)

Allen Tyson said...

Hey you two:- Does Scott have a wet-suit to to dive?? Glad to hear the bottom survived.How many miles to Florida? 30 knts,with 6-7 ft seas today.Stay warm. H&K AJ

Brett Anderson said...

Quick question: How the heck is Scott diving the bottom in those water temps? Full or spring wetsuit, or drysuit, or is he just able to stand very cold water?

Windtraveler said...

@ Brenda: Thanks - great suggestion!! We do have some underwater epoxy but need some more, we'll check it out...and hopefully we do meet one day! Who knows where the wind will take us?
@ Brett (and AJ) - yes, Scott has a full wetsuit with a hood, booties and gloves...but even still, he says it's pretty dang cold!

clubtrax said...

Great news 'bout Rasmus' bum! I've got a great temporary remedy that keeps you warm in a wetsuit....!!

Love the pix and the stories. Check the site early every AM.

Stay warm!!

Phil Strause said...

I love your blog and cant wait to head out myself! Im currently sailing out of Fishing Bay near Deltaville Va on the Chesapeake. If your looking for some hospitality half way down the bay consider Deltaville. I know a number of Va sailors that would love to rendezvous! Fair Winds and Happy Sailing!

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