Sunday, December 05, 2010

Images from Hilton Head

Some images of our time in the Hilton Head area.  What an amazing place!  We LOVE South Carolina - it's full of beauty, nature and that unforgettable Southern' charm!  Scott's godparents, Al and Willa, have been AMAZING hosts (getting our slip, putting us up in a beautiful cottage, taking us out to lovely dinners...etc) and it's going to be very hard to leave tomorrow!

Rasmus right at home in Windmill Harbor.

The South Carolina Yacht Club at Windmill Harbor.

The inside of the beautiful Yacht Club

The Porch - would love to kick back with a few on here!  Just lovely!

The Bluffton Oyster Company - one of the last working oyster factories in the South

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Brittany & Scott


Bill said...

Your pictures keep getting better and better Brittany! I love how you used the reflections on the table in "the porch" and the use of the oyster shells in the foreground with the workboat in the background on that last one. Nice composition ;)

Anonymous said...

Guys/Gals, Turn your spot on so we donot have to worry about you guys! DRJCAIII

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