Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pirates Republic - A Cruisers Haven

If you are in Ft. Lauderdale and get a hankering to pull your boat up to a super cool bar and have a tropical slushy rum drink (or fifty) you *must* stop at the Pirate Republic.

We chose this place as the rendezvous point to meet our good friends Jaime and John-Mark, who flew in from Chicago to spend 5 days with us.  Not only does this place have a fabulous laid-back vibe and great drinks and food, it's owned by cruisers!  The wife, Claudia is a beautiful Brazilian woman with a beaming smile and peppy zest, and her husband (who's name I never got) actually looks like a pirate.  Very authentic.

What was best was that they (without batting an eye) let us keep our boat tied up to their dock over night for free (granted - we did sit there for 8 hours and drink our weight in margaritas) but they were incredibly accommodating and Claudia even sat with us for a while and shared cruising stories with us.

If you like a very casual, laid-back place that is 100% cruiser friendly, than Pirate Republic bar is your place!

Brittany & Scott


Lisa said...

Well from the picture of the sign and what is in the background I was trying to figure out where it is. Is it new? I have spent a bit of time up and down the intracoastal in Lauderdale, but don't remember seeing it.

Lisa said...

AHA! Looked it up on Google--what a novel idea. It is the old Shirttail Charlies on the New River.

Lisa Hanneman said...

Jealous just looking at the picture and thinking of what a slushy run drink would taste like in the sunshine. I'm drinking one with you in spirit.

Pickled Pirate! said...

Sounds like my kind of place!

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