Friday, December 24, 2010

A Special Engagement

As many of you know - two of our best friends and one of our favorite couples joined us for five days for a mini-vacation last week.  While they were not our first guests on board, they were our first friends to visit us for the soul purpose of unplugging and chilling out.  We spent one night in South Beach (meh - not our style) and then spent two nights on anchor in the lovely No Name Harbor (very much our style).  We played games, drank a LOT of wine, cooked some yummy food, and, well...they got engaged.

It was simple, pure, perfect, spontaneous, so incredibly 'them' and so incredibly special.  

Here's how it went down: They were sitting on the beach while Scott and I took a walk and when I returned I heard John-Mark say something like, "...yes honey, I have been thinking about it for a long time now and I absolutely want to marry you".   So I of course had to ask, "Wait a minute - are you guys engaged?" after which Jaime (with a big, beautiful smile) says, "I think so!"  Scott saunters up from snorkeling and I tell him, "Honey, Jaime and John-Mark are engaged!" and he asks, "Nice!  You proposed just now?" after which John-Mark looked at Jaime (realizing he actually hadn't asked the question) and said, "Will you marry me honey?"  And the rest is history.  Scott and I couldn't be more honored and happy to have been a part of it all.  I even snapped a few engagement photos for them and think they capture the moment and their happiness pretty well.

Ah love, isn't it grand?


Brittany & Scott


Anonymous said...

Thank You for not posing this before Jaime's Father & I new!
We are more than pleased to welcome John-Mark into our family!
Have a lovely holiday with your family,
Love you!! & the best to you & your loved ones in the coming year!
~~PJ (-thanks for the photos!)

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