Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Got Wheels!

The Dahon Mariner - our nobel steed.
Before we left we had talked about getting fold-up bikes for the boat, but decided to wait and see if we really felt we needed them (a good habit to get into, especially when buying 'toys' for a boat).  In our 'land lives' Scott and I had five bikes between us, so it probably comes as no surprise that Scott sprung for this little beauty he found on Craigslist.

Initially I was apprehensive because of cost and the space issue we are always dealing with - but at $150 this bike was too good to pass up.  I've come around.  I dig it.  Boat toys are fun.

This bike will open a world of possibilities to us.   Biking ten miles is a lot different than walking ten miles.  It will make "popping" over to the hardware store a possibility and slightly less of a chore.

We figure we'll start with one and see how it goes.  However, Scott just zipped off to the Surf Shop three miles away and I'm already jealous so I foresee another in the not too distant future.

Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

We were just talking about fold-up bikes this past weekend. They're a must for when we cruise. They are expensive, so we're staring to look on Craigslist as well. Glad you found a good deal on one!

Lisa said...

We absolutely love our bicycles when we get to a port.I have a basket that snaps on and off. The good thing about that is we can bring it into the shop with us and not "overload" on the shopping.

rob said...

I have an ali one on my boat at present but for marina and most long term moored work, I buy a £50 one ( or less) from the notice boards and dump it when its rusted badly after about a year or two! that way I can leave it in the rack at the marina or chained to a fence and not clutter up the boat, also a scruffy bike is never stolen, much like a scruffy dingy, also digging them out from the bilge and folding and unfolding them(unless you have a Brompton or two) can become a PITA.

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