Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Back to Work!

Yesterday Scott and I had the boat hauled out of the water at River Bend Marine where we plan on being for the next couple of weeks or so to do some work on our boat.  We chose this place because a) it's centrally located and walking distance to a bunch of conveniences (West Marine, hardware store...etc) b) because they have 24 hour security and allow DIY'ers and c) because we can remain living aboard therefore relinquishing the need to spend oodles of cash on motels and hotels (a penny saved is a penny earned!).  So far, we love it - the people are great and very helpful, and we have some super fun boat neighbors around who are of like mind.  

Our "plan" right now is to patch the scar on the bottom of the keel (check Facebook for a pic of it - and "like" us while you're at it!), replace the one thru-hull we didn't before, perhaps get our old girl buffed and waxed and the big one: install a water maker (Village Tec "Little Wonder").  The list goes on and on....we've got a bunch of other smaller projects to do as well.  That said....I've got to go....Scott is barking at me to get off the computer and get to work!

No, we're not super patriotic, we just chose the colors red, white, and blue
to mark our anchor chain every 10 feet....anchoring will be much easier now!

Stairway to heaven?  Not quite. But now we feel like we live in a tree house!

Brittany & Scott


Anonymous said...

It is just too bad that we didn't sell our house in time to go cruising because then Chris and Scott could work together on the boats, and you and I could write, talk shop, and drink wine, and wha la, no more barking ;0) I read your posts and laugh because there are so many parallels ;0) Happy boatwork!


Brenda and David said...

In addition to marking the chain every 10 feet, you may wish to add zip-ties (yes, they will eventually break and fall off and you'll have to replace them too...) because you can't see the markings (after they're "aged") on a dark and stormy night (even with a headlamp on!) but you can feel and count the number of zip ties to confirm scope. Guess how we know this... :)

Philippe said...

Thanks for sending the watermaker brand through FB! It looks compact yet sturdy. What made you choose this model over other "cruising" brands like CruiseRO or EchoTec or Spectra?

Windtraveler said...

@ Gretchen - I hear ya sister! It would be fun...perhaps one day!
@ Brenda - YES, we have heard that....thanks for the reminder!
@ Philippe - it came HIGHLY recommended by a very trusted friend and cruiser who has had pretty much all of them, not to mention it also came highly recommended by the yard here - so we figured it was a sign. They have tremendous reviews and people who have them seem to love the size is right.

Karen said...

I second the note re the zipties and one other thing to consider is that it's hard to see red & blue under the water, especially in murky bottoms, but we were always able to follow the white markers to locate the anchor (for waypoint purposes). just made it so much easier. we also marked the 50 & hundred feet markers as red+white just for our own counting purposes as we lowered the anchor (not sure if that's what you did too). good luck with your tasks!

rob said...

Great post! thanks for sharing!

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