Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dock Locked

Rasmus, Dock Locked 
As Scott and I ready the boat for heading out to sea again, we are finding ourselves being what we like to call "dock locked".  This is not ideal.  Not only does being at the dock cost money, but it makes spending money much, much easier.  Originally, we decided to stay at a marina for a few days to make provisioning the boat a bit easier.  Being able to bring mass quantities of "stuff" aboard from a dock is much more convenient than bringing "stuff" to a dinghy, then making several trips back and forth to the boat.  In fact, everything is more convenient from the dock - hence finding ourselves in our current predicament.*

But where does it end?  At first we just wanted to provision the boat with food (check!) - but now, being that we are patiently waiting out a good weather window for our crossing to the Bahamas, we have gone back into "project mode" and have a to-do list a mile long (luckily all preventative/upgrades).  So we remain at the dock, because it makes running (or, in Scott's case, biking) to West Marine, Ace Hardware and Home Depot that much easier.  What do we do at those places?  Spend money.  It's an endless cycle that resembles a Fibonacci sequence.  Lots of dollar signs.

We are planning on picking up a mooring ball near our friends Brian and Lara in Miami tomorrow where we will continue to wait for a good weather window to the Bahamas...If you are one of the rare people in the world who can manifest weather - we'd like a nice three day window of light winds out of the South please :).  Thanks!

Brittany & Scott

*Mind you, we didn't have our outboard motor until yesterday, so we didn't have much of a choice really.


Laura and Hans said...

I've remarked many times that I wish I'd bought stock in West Marine years ago. And after stocking up and leaving a port we are pretty sure that the economic situation for that particular area jumped while we were there!

Unknown said...

Whats the outboard for, a dinghy?

--Im really enjoying following your progress! RCR says hello, and we are all collectively jealous because you are doing what we love to do, and we are snowbound!

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