Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Kind of Place

Staniel Cay Yacht Club is one of those places that make me feel like I belong in the Islands.  Nestled along the southeast side of Staniel Cay, it's a tiny, unassuming little bar where you can kick back with a cold one and just watch the world go (slowly) by.  It has a Humphrey Bogart vibe (oh how I love Bogie!  To Have and Have Not might just be my favorite film - yes, I think it might even beat Casablanca) and you get the feeling that this place has a lot of stories - the pictures on the wall only begin to scratch the surface.  If walls could talk...My grandfather (a very "larger than life" sort of man) was actually commodore of this place at one time.  Sitting here I can just imagine him holding court at the bar in the 60's & 70's; a cigar clenched between a big, toothy grin, martini in hand.  He was a "Big Kahuna" kind of guy and hanging out at his old haunt (and even finding his name on the wall!) was a wonderful experience.  Though he died when I was thirteen - I now know we must have had more than a few things in common.

If you are in the Exumas and looking for that "one particular harbor" where you can feel right at home and kick back with a cold Kalik with not a worry in the world, this just might be your place.  I know it's mine.

Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

What a feeling it must have been to find your grandfather's name on the wall! He sounds like an amazing man. Were you able to add your name near your grandfather's?

MJ said...

I agree! That must have been a wonderful discovery for you to see the connection between where you were and where your grandfather shared so much history. We loved SCYC so much last year, we ended up spending nearly a month there. You right, it is a very special place with very special people.

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