Saturday, February 19, 2011

Testing Blog Through SSB

We've finally got our "Sailmail" email address working. Sailmail is an email service which allows us to send and receive email* through the magic of radio waves. Scott has been feverishly working on this for the past three days and, honestly, it is nothing short of hieroglyphics to me and if I had been working on it, it would most certainly be at the bottom of Allen's Cay by now. Scott is a genius.


We are back! Hip hip hooray! We have been having an absolute blast with what has become known as the "78 Alpha Crew" (Channel 78A is what we all monitor and talk on, much like a telephone; probably to the chagrin of other cruisers in earshot); sailing, snorkeling, hiking, chilling on the beach, having long philosophical debates into the night...oh! And Scott caught his first Mahi Mahi which stuffed the 6 of us for two days in a row. Our lives are settling into a routine of simplicity and joy. Our "crew" consists of three other sailboats of young cruisers more or less like Scott and I. We have become something of a floating commune and it's great. More on them later...

The point is - we are back! More posts to come soon...Lots and lots of good fodder over here.

Brittany & Scott

*Text email only - we can't get photos

radio email processed by SailMail
for information see:


Ford said...

Glad you're back, looking forward to posts and pics!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sailmail .. another great invention! So glad ya'll are having fun and impressed to hear that one fish fed all of ya'll for two days! Maybe we won't starve after all. =)

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