Monday, March 21, 2011

Dark and Stormy

What a stunning contrast!
Contrary to what it might seem, it's not always sunny in paradise.  This morning Scott and I were awaken by a sudden downpour on our boat.  Not only do I love the sound of rain on the deck, but I really love when the fresh water rinses the salt off the boat.  If it wasn't so early in the morning, I would have done what I have in the past, which is don my bikini and start scrubbing!  If you have never boated in salt water, you have no idea how much salt cakes over everything.  After a wet passage, you can see visible grains of sea salt all over the deck, gear, sails...everything.  Nevertheless, this was the little squall that rinsed our baby clean this morning.

There are a few more of these on the way, so we're going to hunker down and have a rain day.  Play some games, bake some bread, read, enjoy the peace and maybe just watch these storms roll in and out.

Like I said, it's not always sunny in paradise, but it is always beautiful!

Brittany & Scott

PS.  One of my new favorite rum drinks is the "Dark-n-Stormy": a mixture of dark rum and ginger beer  - which is a local ginger soda (not beer, as the name implies) that we have fallen in love with.  Mix the rum with the ginger beer (or ginger ale if you can't find the real stuff), serve over ice and you have a true drink of the islands!


Neophyte Cruiser said...

Sometimes you just need an excuse to hunker down. Having rain squalls passing over you at a snug anchorage is just such an excuse for a warm and cozy time together in the cabin. Still really enjoying following your adventures!

Jill, Tim and Toby Dog said...

Try a little fresh squeezed lime juice in the Dark 'n Stormy - that's delicious!

L.L. said...

Traditionally made with Goslings Rum. One of our favorites on Ellen Louise too. Try to find real ginger beer and Goslings, it makes all the difference!

Chani said...

Thanks for the drink tip!

Bill said...

I'm with Jill, squeeze some lime in there! One of my favorite drinks.

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