Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Discovering Beauty

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must 
     carry it with us or we find it not.

                                                                                - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Allow me to introduce you to my very good friend, fellow blogger and sailor, Lara Neece.  In addition to what I just mentioned, she is also an artist - and an incredibly talented one at that.  The picture above is a picture of one of her 4 x 4 wooden panels.  I also own two of her hand-printed tee shirts.  Though I could try to describe her work, she says it best in her artist's statement: 

My artwork explores the cognizance of the living and human perceptions of and connections to nature. The vitality of life fascinates me, including my own hyper awareness of its existence. Daily I am reminded of the complexity and beauty of nature, and I often seek to relate my perceptions of the world to the perceptions of other living species. In this manner, I continually work to understand and reconnect with the natural world both as an artist and as an individual.  I have found that the process of creating artistic works encourages a heightened sense of awareness and a greater understanding of the world around me.

Please check out her work.  It is inspiring, beautiful and unique.  If you buy a print of hers (or better yet, a panel!) - you will be supporting an artist and a fellow sailor to achieve her dreams and, perhaps, inspire your own.

Thank you Lara, for your company, your friendship and your art.  All are beautiful!


Brittany & Scott


Lara said...

Thank you, Brittany. Miss you and Scott already. Fair winds and safe passage!

Chani said...

AMAZING artwork! Can't wait to check out her site.

Bill said...

I just read Lara's interview with "Newly Salted" before stopping in at your blog. Truly some really nice and inspired work! I like the t-shirts she has on the forest and fin website.

Anonymous said...

Discovering beauty isn't just about what meets the eye; it's about finding harmony in the unexpected, like stumbling upon a hidden garden or witnessing the sunrise paint the sky in hues of gold. And when challenges arise, beauty can be found in the kindness of strangers or the warmth of a loved one's embrace. For inquiries, contact synchrony financial phone number. It's in the delicate dance of nature's symphony, where every leaf rustles in perfect synchrony with the breeze. Amidst life's chaos, beauty emerges in the simplest of moments, reminding us to pause and appreciate.

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