Saturday, March 05, 2011

It's a Small World, After All

Found a single flower among all this greenery!
What do you think the odds are that two sets of sisters - one set raised in the south, one set raised in the north - would meet each other on opposite ends of the globe, on two separate occasions?  Two sisters would meet in Tanzania, East Africa - the other two would meet (about 5 years later) in Eluthera, Bahamas.  These separate meetings would occur totally independent and unbeknownst to each other - until the two sisters who hadn't met yet - figure it out at a dinner party. Well, at last night's dinner party - this is what was discovered.  Confused yet?!

I lived in Tanzania for a few years, and made the acquaintance of Stephanie.  We both moved on and kept in touch loosely via email/Internet.  Fast forward five or so years and my sister, Chelsea, who was living and working in the Bahamas, made the acquaintance of Catherine.  Fast forward another year or so and Stephanie gets wind that I am headed to the Bahamas, and writes me that I have to contact her sister (Catherine), who lives in Georgetown.  Which I do.  We hit it off instantly and she invites us and our friends to a dinner at her and her boyfriend, Bob's, beautiful island home here* and that is when we realized it:  she knows my sister.

To put it simply:  Stephanie and I are friends from Africa.  Chelsea and Catherine are friends from the Bahamas.  And none of us realized this until last night.

What a small world.

I could go on and on about instances like this that have occurred since we left.  It seems the more we explore this world, the smaller it becomes.  It's incredible and just makes me shake my head in awe and, in the words of Louis Armstrong, "I think to myself, what a wonderful world".

Brittany & Scott

* I wish I took photos, because this home is of the 'dream home' variety.  Completely off the grid - with rain catchers and solar panels - beautiful, open and airy - with a huge (almost wraparound) porch with a fire pit.  We had a wonderful time and some great conversations with great people and we are looking forward to heading to Georgetown to hear some local "rake and scrape" with them tonight!


Esperanza said...

I'm a big fan of your blog and have been a follower for a while- Thank you for sharing your writing with the world! My boyfriend and I bought a boat last winter, restored it and just recently sailed it down to Eleuthera, where we live and work at The Island School. I hope you enjoy the bahamas and feel free to swing by South Eleuthera if you get a chance. PS-

Windtraveler said...

Hey Esperanza!! Thanks for the great comment...I think my sister told me about you? Anyway, congrats on the boat and congrats on making your way to the Island School! What a bummer our paths didn't cross...we don't have plans to head up to Eluthera, but if we do - we will CERTAINLY look you up! I will check out your blog right now! Thanks again! :)

Deb said...

Have you ever seen the play "Six degrees of separation"? It's very interesting and worh investigating.

Enjoy your blog
S/V Nomad

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