Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pa RUM Pum Pum Pum

We arrived at Kaye's Sand Bar around 7pm, we had heard that there was going to be some local rake-n-scrape, but when we got there, there was no sign of it.  Delores was there, as were a couple of the other locals we had met earlier in the day - so we bellied up to the bar and ordered a round of drinks.

"They be comin'" Delores assured us with her signature smile, "you jus wait".  She sipped her Kalik.

A couple hours later they arrived - about ten of them - in a cloud of tambourines, saws, drums, maracas,  cowbells and silverware.

Suddenly the bar was filled with smiling faces, greeting one another, shaking hands and handing out instruments to anyone who didn't have one.  There was a cacophony of noise while everyone got acquainted with their tools when suddenly the bongos started going.  Slowly at first, to get everyone on the same page, then faster and faster.  Rat a tat. Rat a tat. Rat a tat tat tat.

Then the big drum started beating.  Bum...bum bum.   Bum...bum bum.  Deep and resonating, this drum carried the beat.

In no time the cowbells chimed in, then the maracas, then the saw-scraping and the tambourines....Before we knew it we were all letting go, dancing wildly to the beat and letting the rhythm take over.

And take over it did.

If you have ever experienced a drum circle, you know what I mean.  The music fills your heart, your body and your soul.  You become almost entranced with the beat.  If you are able to set yourself and your ego free you will begin to stomp and sway and dance like no one is watching.  You can look around and see the people who 'get' it.  You can see they are free.  The ones who don't, well, they stand out.  Their egos get in the way and block their ability to let go.

It is an amazing feeling, and an amazing sight to behold.  People in an almost primal state.  People being taken away by music.

There is something special about tribal music and drum circles - it is so raw, so simple and so profound.  They tap into the very vibrations of the Universe and the world, and suddenly - everyone who is taking part becomes as one.  Endorphins are flying, adrenaline is pumping and the music begins to take a life all on it's own.  Everyone becomes one with rhythm, the rhythm of life.

A dozen souls 
Together for a dozen reasons 
Headed for a dozen destinations 
Yet we travel as One. 
Supporting one another 
without a word 

Building something of beauty 
and energy 
and spirit 
that not one of us 
could have conceived. 
Ending each piece with laughter 
...or with silence. 
Feeling so alive, 
and in the moment, 
and so connected. 
- Excerpt from Rick Cormier's "Drum Circle"

After the drumming finished, Kaye (Delores' daughter) brought out a meal of stew and coconut rice for all to share.  They charged nothing for this.  Such is the beauty of this place and these people.  There is nothing like filling your belly after filling your soul!

Brittany & Scott


Dawn Ireland said...

Ok girl, you need to write a book about all this, you are a natural writer! :-)

Anonymous said...

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