Friday, April 01, 2011

Bye Bye Bahamas

The mighty Rasmus anchored in Thompson Bay, Long Island
It's so funny the way things work.  The domino effect of life.  How every step you take can alter your course.  If you would have asked us six months ago where we'd be at this point, I'm sure we would have answered the Virgin Islands, or somewhere in the Caribbean at least.  If you would have asked us if there was even a chance we'd still be in the Bahamas I'm pretty sure we'd give a little innocent chuckle and reply, "not even close!".  Alas, here we still are.

The thing about the Bahamas is this: They are a sailor's paradise.   I am not surprised that many world cruisers regard this little strip of islands to be some of (if not the) best cruising in the world.  The water is amazing, truly breathtaking.  The people are incredible and oh-so welcoming, there are so many places to go - all within a short day sail of each other.  If you want populated, you can get populated.  If you want remote, you can have remote.  The wind (at least this time of year) is consistent and if you keep your plans loose, you can take advantage of it to take you somewhere almost daily.  You could, quite literally, spend a lifetime cruising these waters.  In fact, many people do.

But not us.

Our plans are a bit bigger.  We're young.  We're hungry.  We want to see more...

We are going to continue heading south today or tomorrow (weather permitting, of course) - bound for the Turks and Caicos.  From there we'll head to the Dominican Republic, and from there Puerto Rico where we think we might spend hurricane season and hopefully pick up a job or two to replenish the cruising kitty (anyone know anyone in Puerto Rico that would want to hire us...seriously?!).

We are a little sad to be leaving these lovely islands where we learned so much about ourselves, our boat, and cruising in general but excited to meet the adventures, lessons, people and places that lie ahead!

Bahamas, mark our words - we'll be back.

Brittany & Scott


Dawn Ireland said...

Be careful in Puerto Rico. I have talked to several locals that have left there due to the terrible crime, shootings anywhere and everywhere. They tell me it is not bad where the tourists go, but don't go to where the "locals" are, thats where its really bad.

Unknown said...

Don't take this personally Dawn, but warnings like that are BS, unhelpful, and don't do anybody any good. Enjoy Puerto Rico to its fullest - it's a beautiful place, and under-utilized by cruisers. There's crime, sure, but there is in most places. A bit of traveler's caution and you should be just fine. And last of all, DEFINITELY go where the locals go. That's the only way to learn and truly experience a place.

Dan O. said...

I have the Thompson Bay picture on my desktop at work and have had several people comment on it, the latest today was someone saying "that picture is a reminder of how beautiful the world is- it brings tears to my eyes."

Jhon said...

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