Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sure of You

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.  
“Pooh!” he whispered.  
“Yes, Piglet?”  
“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw.  
“I just wanted to be sure of you.” 

 ~ A.A. Milne.

I read this quote and immediately it warmed my heart and sent my spirit soaring. There can exist the most profound messages in the simplest things. Though Scott and I live a life of relative uncertainty with a touch of the unknown, there are several things we can count on, several things we can be "sure of", as Piglet would say...

Our friends: and how lucky we are to have them and to be able to connect with them with relative frequency. You know who you are - your calls, your emails, your text messages, your pictures, your hacking into accounts to download e-books for us - it all makes you feel so close.

Our family: you are ever supportive and fully enthralled in our dream - knowing you are there is a huge, huge comfort to us. We would not be doing this without your support and unconditional love. You gave us the potential, we made it happen.

Each other: while living on a small boat 24/7 as newlyweds is not without it's, shall we say, moments....we are having the time of our lives and making our dreams come true, together.  We are grateful, every single day!!

Our boat: Rasmus is our home. She is the center of all of this and by far the strongest member of our team. We love her - she is an extension of us; a living, breathing entity. Knowing she 'has our back' makes us  Wherever we go, we are always home.  Everyone should be so lucky.

You, our readers: We started this blog with no audience and no clue what we were doing, but my how we have grown! Your stories and emails of encouragement, support, praise, and joy fill our hearts! It is incredible how small this world can be, and we are glad to know you are here with us.

While we are living a wayward, gypsy life full of unpredictability and ambiguity - a heart-felt thanks to all of you who are our "rocks" - we are better off knowing, for sure, that you are there.


Brittany & Scott


Al said...

Wonderful, thoughtful post - we would expect no less. Continued good fortune.

Paul Ouellette said...

The Admiral & I are glad to be following your adventures & are very greatful you've decided to blog about it all !! Eventually we'll escape Someday Isle...& be out there too !! Cheers, P.

Windtraveler said...

Thanks guys!! Glad you are enjoying and ever MORE glad to have you along :)

Chels-pup said...

I love this post :). uncertainty makes life exciting (or scary, sometimes). but those beautiful things that we can always count on give us the confidence to embrace that uncertainty! i love you and miss you both. you inspire me more and more every day.
xo, sissy.

Hildegard Flatley said...

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