Monday, May 23, 2011

Carelessness and the Sea

I am currently reading A Sea Vagabond's World by Bernard Moitessier. This is the third book I have ready by this fantastically poetic and gifted author. He was truly a man of the sea and reading him is not only a great pleasure - but a learning experience. This particular book is more of a "how to" than his other books - but just as gripping nonetheless.

A great reminder he gave me today that I would like to share:

"The sea and the gods do not like excessive haste, lack of preparation, or a casual or careless attitude - especially concerning the really important things."

- Bernard Moitessier, A Sea Vagabond's World

Don't worry friends!  We will continue to be safe, prudent, and (most importantly) respectful of the sea!


Brittany & Scott


Unknown said...

I like what I've read about this guy and his books. Off to Amazon...

Whisperboat said...

Moitessier wrote 5 books Brittany so I don't know which ones you haven't read, but be sure and read them ALL. For me, there is no one else who writes about the sea and sailing like he did. He was a true mystic.

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