Monday, May 16, 2011

Clearing up some Confusion

Trellis Bay, BVI
Many of you have written, commented or emailed regarding our upcoming plans - so I am taking to the blog to clarify a few things:

1)  We are not "bazillionaires" - we live on a meager budget of about $1000-$1200 per month.  I make about $200 a month writing (hoping to make that more!) and the rest is savings that we acquired during our land lives.  If you enjoy our blog and feel like throwing us a bone, go ahead and click on our "donate" button.  Every little bit helps!

2)  We are headed to Grenada for "hurricane season" - this is, obviously, a period in a year when hurricanes are likely to form.  In this part of the world it is from July to November.  This is not a very good time to be sailing around the Caribbean.  Grenada is far enough south to be out of the main hurricane belt, but there is always a risk of being hit.  We will go back to Chicago for a month to attend a couple of weddings for some very awesome people and visit with our friends and family.  We will return to Grenada in July where we will continue to live aboard and hope to work to replenish the cruising kitty.

4)  I will still be blogging from July to November.  There's adventure around every corner and I'm sure I'll find something to write about!

5)  Come November, we will move back up the Caribbean island chain.  Since we are rushing south this time around, we are going to head back up these islands to catch what we've missed.  Then, we plan to make our way west, transit the Panama Canal, cruise Central America a bit and work our way up to Baja, Mexico where we hope to cruise for a while.

I hope this helps to clarify any confusion!!

Brittany & Scott


Baxter, Molly and Kala said...

Good post! I think it should also be said that your expenses are a fraction of those of the average American household (rent/ mortgage usually exceed your total expenses!) and your carbon footprint is much smaller. Keep on keeping on.

Dave said...

Pfew! Glad to hear the blog will continue during hurricane season. I was wondering... what do you guys do about healthcare? Catastrophe coverage?

Anonymous said...

I thought you guys were moving fast and missing quite alot...Duh Hurricanes

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