Monday, May 30, 2011

The Fruit Man

"Grocery Shopping" as we used to know it has come to an end for Scott and I.  Grocery stores like those in the USA are few and far between (in fact, there are about 1,000 nautical miles between each of them if I were to guess) and they almost never have what we really want (bagels, sliced whole wheat bread, and I am about ready to kill for an avocado...etc).  Luckily for us - we provisioned very well back in Ft. Lauderdale and have enough canned and dried goods to feed a small nation.  If you recall, we do not have refrigeration so - in a way - it makes grocery shopping a little easier when coupled with our vegetarian diet.

When we do go shopping, it is usually at a small, local grocery store where we get what is available.  Typically, the items we stock-up on bi-weekly are:  eggs (contrary to popular belief, they do NOT need to be refrigerated), butter (also does not need to be refrigerated), bread, crackers, cheese (if in wax, does not need to be refrigerated) and every now and then something alcoholic. 

What we also need to stock up on regularly (because we don't have refrigeration) is fruits and veggies.  The staples in our diet so far are:  cucumbers, lettuce, arugula, spinach, tomatoes, onions, green and red peppers, zucchini and squash (they keep very well), potatoes (also keep very well), and fruits like apples, oranges, pineapple, mangoes and (wince) bananas*.  Most of the time I try to find a local, road side vendor as opposed to a store front (much cheaper) but sometimes, if we are lucky, they motor right up to our boat like Gregory did the other day.

Gregory gave us not only a warm welome to St. Lucia, but made us a delicious basket of FULL of fresh fruits and vegetables for $15 bucks and a beer.  Can't beat that!  We had literally just been talking about how we needed a fruit basket and voila! one appears.  I seriously love this life!


Brittany & Scott

*Bananas are rumored to be bad luck on boats, but down here, you just gotta eat 'em!


littleseal1 said...

Many fond memories of Rodney Bay and Gregory. Any sign of Vision (aka John Lewis)?

Unknown said...

Hi Brittany and Scott,

I started following your blog about a month ago. Thank you for your entertaining and informative blog posts.

Just a question out of curiosity: Were you vegetarians before you adopted the cruiser lifestyle? Or, did you drop the meat because of cost and lack of refrigeration?

Take care!

Chels-pup said...

Oh BOY! i need to post this blog up on my refrigerator.....its a veritable tomb of foods that don't need refrigerating and in turn go bad because people forget whats lost in there behind all the other unnecessary junk.

beth mosher said...

Can I just tell you, I was blathering on and on and on about you two to my husband's grandmother this weekend and she specifically asked where you do your grocery shopping. She has 10 kids, so she prides herself on storing and conserving foods and containers and whatnot. She was very curious about the grocery shopping - now I'm informed and can answer her questions ;)

LOVE the blog, seriously.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Glad to hear you're doing just fine with refrigeration. It's yet another thing we're contemplating getting for the boat. I say we don't need it ... my husband needs a little convincing. I'll have to show him this post! If I can find fresh fruit I'm happy. =) Do you purchase ice often for drinks, etc or do you not bother?

AAron said...

How would one go about getting balanced proteins on a boat without refrigeration? I'm not a vegetarian so is my best bet fishing and canned meats?


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