Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Scott actually took this photo through our binoculars!
We saw this beautiful boat sailing along towards us yesterday and she captured our imaginations.

She looked incredibly majestic - almost ghostlike with her eighteen sails flying - a relic of days gone by.  It was impossible not to think back to the reign of pirates and buccaneers in these waters.

"Can you imagine being a boat like that two hundred years ago?" I wondered aloud.

In so many ways, we have come a long way since then.  It's incredible to think of what those sailors accomplished with so little.  They had rudimentary charts, navigated only by the sun and the stars, pioneered foreign territories and - to make matters worse - at any given time there might be a pirate ship lurking around the corner in some hidden bay with cannons locked and loaded and full of gnarly, greedy pirates chomping at the bit to pillage and plunder...the mind boggles.

And yet, there we were - two passing ships from two very different eras - both propelled by only the wind.  Some things never change, and for that we are grateful.

While she is truly a looker and a breathtaking sight to behold - we are certainly thankful that we don't have to raise and lower all those sails!

Brittany & Scott


Anonymous said...

love your blog

Found it after this blog which I have also been following

ironically you guys are now going to be on the same island martinique (if indeed you are headed there.

and way from my reading of both blogs you guys are very similar both young couples choosing the criusing life for a while bot have hallberg rassy boats

I don't know the vessel name but perhaps you can look them up

anyway I enjoy your blog. I just thought it funny that I was reading two blogs about two couples on the same island and the same boat!

Chris MacDonald said...

I'm wondering if this ship is the Picton Castle. It sure looks like it. I think they were finishing there 5th world tour.

Just found your blog a few ago after reading the 10 things that don't need to be refrigerated post. I started at the beginnnig and have made it to here so far. Really enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing your adventure.


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