Saturday, May 07, 2011

There's This Drink...

Sip, sip GIVE my friend!
Scott and I were perusing a little trinket shop in Luperon when the sales lady came up to us and said, "Can I help you?  You need necklace, ring?  We have many beautiful things...we have shells, marijuana..."

Scott and I stopped in our tracks and looked up at the smiling sales clerk, then at each other.  She had this big smile on her face, as if she had no idea she just offered us illegal drugs.  We had heard Luperon was different, but we didn't realize your run of the mill sales girl could openly pimp pot.  That was too weird.

"Excuse me?" Scott said.

"We have shells, mamajuana..." she repeated, still beaming.

Oh!  MAMAjuana.  Not marijuana.  She walked over to a shelf and procured a recycled wine bottle with a bunch of bark in it, soaking in a deep, burgundy colored liquid.

"Dees is mamajuana" she told us as she grabbed a shot glass off the shelf and poured us some, "eets good for love...ees an aphrodisiac.  Pour rum or wine in the bottle and drink".  Scott took the glass, shrugged, took a sip and handed the latter half to me.  We know the drill.

I am telling you - with the number of aphrodisiacs in the islands - lotions, potions, flowers, drinks, roots - it's a wonder why the whole world is not populated by Bahamians and Caribbean Islanders.

The mixture is one of bark, herbs, and honey soaked in rum and red wine.  The drink is thick and the taste is very similar to a port.  Dominicans use mamajuana for everything from colds, to digestion, issues.

While we didn't buy any - we enjoyed our little taste.  As for it's aphrodisiac qualities - well, we'll never tell.  You'll just have to get some yourself.  But remember, if you can smoke it - you got the wrong stuff.

Brittany & Scott

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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Too funny! Sounds like our experience in Jamaica, except they really were saying marijuana ... everywhere! Maybe mamajuana is why the islanders are always smiling ...

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