Saturday, May 14, 2011

True Blue

We’ve done it. We have sailed almost 4,000 nautical miles and we’ve made it to the Virgin Islands. According to many, we are now “officially” blue-water cruisers. We’ve sailed down the East coast, crossed the Gulf Stream, cruised the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos, traversed the difficult northern coast of the Dominican Republic, crossed the Mona passage, cruised the south coast of Puerto Rico and - eight months after we began - we have made it to the Virgins via the “thorny path”

We have graduated.

It feels good. It feels real good.

Our plan is to continue heading south to Grenada where we will be keeping the boat for hurricane season. We are heading back to Chicago for my brother’s wedding in June, which we are both standing up in, as well as the wedding of one of my best friends.  Next season we plan to head back up the island chain to see more of what we missed.

From there, who knows...but we’re liking the sound of Baja, Mexico a lot.

We shall see!


Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

I bet it does feel amazing to have "graduated ...congratulations! Love the picture. Did you take it? Mexico sounds great, and what about Cuba?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I've been following you since you were in New York, when I found your blog through your wedding photogs blog. I am a desert dweller and have been my whole life. So, I enjoy seeing this total different lifestyle. So, help me understand. Your cruise is going to be on pause? While you leave your boat to go back and work and be with family for awhile? There is a 'cruising season'? Not during hurricane season, obvs! When does it start again? How does it work? You cruise for a while, head home, stock up on funds, go out again till you make it around the world? I thought it was one continuous cruise. I thought you were bazillionaires. I am obv naive! Ha! Thanks, Kristi in LV

Philippe said...

Congratulation on those 8 months of adventures, and thank you again for all your great posts!

Anonymous said...

congrats , you have fulfilled many a dreams! awesome

Anonymous said...

I love the pic,,,its looks so ancient , but being at the soggy dollar recently , the plastic chairs give it away

Bob Harwig said...

Are you staying in the BVI's, or headed to the USVIs before your trip down for hurricane season? I'm a friend of s/v Illusion, living on St Thomas, and I'd love to buy you guys a drink.

Dave said...

Crap. Does that mean there won't be any blog posts from June until November? :(

Windtraveler said...

@ MLC - yep, took the photo. Thanks!
@ Anonymous - we are only going home for a couple of weddings...not for good. We are by no means BAZILLIONAIRES. Ha...good one. We live on a very meager budget of about $500 a month that we saved when we were working. We'll go back to Grenada in July - try to find jobs to make more money, and continue up the island chain next season, which begins in November.
@Bob...unfortunately, we are making our way to St. LUcia so will be missing St. Thomas this season....but we'll be back this way next season!! Sorry to miss you - Lara and Brian told us about you guys!!

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