Thursday, May 05, 2011

UFO Sighting

I mentioned in a previous post about the beauty and magic of sailing through the night.  Despite the darkness - there is a lot to be seen amidst all that black.  All one needs to do is look up and worlds upon worlds open up...Shooting stars with magnificent tails that slice across the darkness, tiny satellites that move so fast (seventeen thousand miles an hour!) you can actually follow them across the solar system, blinking planes, twinkling constellations...they are all there for your eyes to devour.

Even the water can provide ample entertainment if you watch it closely...unmarked buoys, tires, sea life, bioluminescence, fishing nets, and general flotsam and jetsam are always there...but every now and then you see something you have never seen before...something that you can't quite put your finger on...We call those: UFO's.  That's right, unidentified FLOATING objects (you thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn't you?).

It was around 2am and was down below sleeping when I heard Scott and Al talking about a "mysterious light" in the water.  I heard them rustle through the charts as they tried to identify it, "That is definitely not on the chart" I heard Al say.  "What the heck is that?" Scott continued, "It's, like, glowing...".  And that is when I had to come up and see for myself.

Just as I popped through the companionway hatch Scott made the decision to tack away from it - whatever it was.  And good thing he did.  Because that's when I saw it.  A distinct, huge (bigger than the boat), neon green something floating just under the surface of the water.  It was creepy and it was weird.  The three of us strained our eyes as we ghosted past it trying to catch a glimpse of any telltale feature that would give it away.  There was none.  Finally, I came up with what we think is the only plausible explanation:  a whale sleeping just under the surface, surrounded (thankfully!) by the phosphorescent light of the tiny sea creatures around it.  Whatever it was, we are glad we didn't hit it!

So - moral of the story is this:  while you can look up into the sky and look for unidentified flying objects, don't forget to look down at the water once in a while as well - lest you meet with an unidentified floating object!


Brittany & Scott


Anonymous said...

Wow , Just Wow

TaylorMad1 said...


Unknown said...

this is very cool. there are so many mysteries out there.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Reminds me of recent tv show about giant squid that are becoming an epidemic. They're very smart and distract their prey by "glowing" while the other squid surround their prey for attack! I'm going with the whale theory though. =)

Brittany said...

THAT is AMAZING! You are seeing the best part of life on earth. I love when you describe what you see. It is so awesome.

Laura and Hans said...

So just give me the major creeps!!! And I still remember the other night (in the Bahamas) when Hans got all worked up about the 'biggest star I've ever seen!! Oh my God!' And I pointed out to him that it was a neighboring boat's anchor light.
He would kill me if he knew I wrote this.

Unknown said...

WOW! How absolutely Beautiful and Wonderful!
I am so happy that you are enjoying Rasmus, the World and Each other so so much.

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