Sunday, June 12, 2011

We Have Arrived!

The sun is setting on this phase of the journey - but the fun has just begun!
After nine months of cruising, we have arrived to our "end" destination of sorts.  As I mentioned earlier, it is hurricane season in these parts and cruising around here pretty much comes to a halt as boats either go to the Mediterranean, go back home up North, or hole up in one of the "hurricane holes" down here.  While we are technically not out of the hurricane zone, Grenada is considered 'safe' by many insurance companies and we are far enough south to miss most of the action.  We hope.  If not, we have a contingency plan that will make sure Rasmus is safe and sound.

It feels so bizarre to be here.  On the one hand we are relieved because it means no more waking up at 5 am to ready anchor, no more racing against the clock, no more deadlines and timelines and overnight passages.  On the other hand, however, it feels odd.  Living like nomads has become our life, we love moving somewhere new every other day - and to imagine being in one place for five months - well, it seems almost impossible!  We will, of course, explore this exotic "Spice Island" and we plan to move around to check out different coves and anchorages - so we're not completely "stuck"!

Luckily for us we have a new sponsor in Port Louis Marina and they have made us feel right at home.  From their excellent staff to their personal warm welcome - we know we are right where we belong!  This marina is first rate and it shows in everything from the rain showers in the bathroom (yay!) to the private pool (double yay!).  Scott and Danny Donelson (the wonderful man in charge of marketing here) have also discovered a mutual love of tennis, mountain biking, triathlon and pretty much all things active.  I think they'll be good friends.  He has also offered us a personal tour of his beautiful island as well as a sail on his personal boat - so rest assured we'll tell you about that.

So - while we have reached the "destination" of this phase of our trip - we are by no means finished with the journey!  I have exciting plans to grow the blog, to grow Windtraveler and to keep you reading!

For now, thanks so much for your support, prayers, kind words, emails, advice, and loyalty!  It's been a pleasure to have you!


Paula said...

Wow, that's great for you guys! Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun there! How did you get connected with Port Louis Marina? Did they find you or did you approach them? What kind of sponorsing did they offer you?

Croc Bones Crew said...

Hey guys,
How quickly did you scoot down the northern Caribbean islands? We arrived after a belated Atlantic crossing a few weeks back and are slowly heading south now ourselves (In St Lucia at the moment). Keeping a good eye the weather to head south quick if necesary! St Lucia is so beautiful.. going to be hard to leave!

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