Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Photo Book Contest

This blog has become something more than a blog - it's now a full-time passion of mine as well as a form of income (we are making about $400 per month, not to mention the freebies that come through it and the freelance work I have gotten from it).  So, in an effort to keep it growing (and to keep us living this lifestyle that we would like to live indefinitely) - I am thinking of doing something neat but I need to practice first!  I am going to be making a custom designed, personal photo album of some of our best images taken during our trip thus far.  It's going to be classy and beautiful and will have direct quotes from the blog as well as some other text, but it will be more of a coffee table album than "book".  It will be hardcover with glossy pages.  I am so excited to get started! What's the good news? I am going to give the very first one away!  The details are on our Facebook page.  Check it out!


Brittany & Scott

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