Friday, July 29, 2011

Windtraveler...In Print!

While we might be leaving on a jet plane today - there is still all sorts of good stuff going on over here!  Ladies and gentlemen - due to popular demand - we have gone to print!!

This is a book that I created with the help of Blurb; an amazing, user-friendly, and easy online book creating tool.  If you have wanted to support us in the past but didn't know how - this would be a great way to start! A portion of the proceeds go to us and, in return; you get a beautiful, 62 page photograph book complete with inspiring quotes and blog excerpts.

Please visit our book today - you can order directly online and Blurb will ship it right to you in about a week!

We'll see you once we're back in Grenada!


Brittany & Scott

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