Saturday, August 27, 2011

Market Day

What better way to cool off than to buy a chilled-down coconut, stick a straw in it and drink?
I love, love, LOVE local fresh markets.  I've written about this fact before - so when my friend, Alicia, suggested we hit up the market together, I jumped at the chance.  The timing was perfect - we were in dire need of a market run - our fresh food stores were dismal and meals were suffering...

The market here in Grenada is nothing short of wonderful.  They have everything from local jewelry to spices in the raw, from exotic fruits to standard vegetables and everything in between (except arugula, which I am dying to make a salad with).  We went to the market on a "slow" day (the big day is Saturday) - which is a blessing in disguise - because we were able to peruse and meander through the winding alleys at our own pace, without the frenetic elbow-to-elbow crowds of the Saturday mayhem. What was best though was that we were free stop and chat with some of the friendly shopkeepers (have I mentioned how wonderful the Grenadian people are?!).  Alicia even got a natural remedy from one mama on how to help bring down the fever sweet baby James's suffered the night before.  These mamas are a wealth of knowledge, I tell you.

About an hour and a half later our bags were overflowing with the kind of fresh produce that makes a mouth water: ripe starfruit, juicy mangos, fragrant passion fruit (my personal fave), giant cucumbers, organic tomatoes, leafy lettuce, buttery avocados, cooking plantains and more.  We'll be eating least for the next few days, that is.


Brittany & Scott

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Paula said...

Yum! Love farmer's markets!

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