Thursday, August 04, 2011

Seeing Double

There were over 750 Hallberg-Rassy Rasmus' made between 1967 and 1978.  That is a LOT of boats and speaks volumes to the success of the model and the quality of the brand - not many blue water boats can boast such numbers.  We have actually seen about eight other Rasmus's (Rasmi?) since we bought ours, but we have never had the pleasure to go aboard another...until the other day.

I was walking down the dock back to our Rasmus when, all of a sudden, I noticed a boat with a glass windscreen exactly the same as ours (the signature of a Hallberg-Rassy), I stopped and slowly took her in from stern to bow; recognizing every line, angle and arc.  It was another Rasmus!  I had to say 'hello'.  I introduced myself to lovely Caroline and we immediately made a date to check out each other's boats the following evening.  They had some questions about how we did things and we had some questions as well.

What a treat it was!  They love their boat just as much as we love ours and it shows in her impeccably maintained interior and exterior.  Caroline's wonderful husband, Urs, is a very skilled at woodworker and carpenter and he made a lot of great customizations to their boat.  Take a look at the pictures of our boat (right), versus the pictures of theirs (left).  Very similar, but slightly different.  Pretty neat, huh?

Big thanks to s/v Petit Fleur for the hospitality and for inspiring us to make some neat changes aboard our Rasmus!

Brittany & Scott


Katie said...

I love the comparison photos! So interesting to see what modifications each prefers. (I do love the teddy bear too).

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

jim kindred said...

You boat looks so much like mine. Heater on the bulkhead, oriental runner for the sole. and I rebuilt my chart table/instrument panel last summer to look much like yours. Fun to see the side by side.

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