Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Grenada!

After nearly four weeks in Trinidad, we are heading back to Grenada!

We have had a wonderful time here and met some fantastic people.  Because this visit was 95% work, it left us little time to explore but regardless, we had a blast staying with our good friends!  We plan to return in January or February when we haul the boat out before we fly home to have our baby, so we'll 
have plenty time to explore more by then when Scott isn't working 10 hours a day.

We must give a heartfelt shout-out to our hosts (and friends) Karly and Jason who so graciously let us stay with them for almost four weeks.  That is a LONG time for house guests!  Not only did they make us feel right at home, but (when time permitted) they showed us their beloved Trinidad and gave us a glimpse into their lives as expats.  We owe them one BIG TIME and are hoping to repay the favor
sometime in the future. Thanks guys - we love you!

In addition - we'd like to give a public shout-out to our wonderful friends Andy and Sharon on m/v Finally Fun who watched after our boat while we were gone. They flushed our watermaker weekly, took down our tarp when a nasty squall blew through, periodically checked our lines and, in general, kept our Rasmus safe and sound.  The cruising community is wonderful that way - and we are very,
very grateful for them! Thank you guys!

We plan to shove off either sometime this afternoon (depending on the engine part) or bright and early tomorrow morning at 5am for the passage to Grenada.  If all goes well, we should arrive back at Port Louis Marina sometime soon.  We are so looking forward to being reunited with our boat!  Check the Track Us page if you'd like to follow our path!

See you back in Grenada!

Brittany & Scott

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