Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ahoy There!!

Isn't it incredible what a small world we live in?  

Scott headed out to sea at 5am on Sunday morning, only to be spotted later that afternoon by our good friends on Zero to Cruising who were heading back this way from Carriacou!  It made me so happy to see Scott doing his thing and feel just a tiny bit closer to him (don't forget, we're used to spending 24/7 together!) - even if it was just a photo sent via email.  Scott was at the helm when he saw our friend's boat and hailed them to say hello after which they gybed to get a few pictures.  Thanks guys!  

If you want to take a trip to the beautiful Grenadines on this incredible boat (and maybe get the chance to sail with Scott!) - check out Island Windjammers here.

Brittany & Scott

1 comment:

Lisa Hanneman said...

So happy for Captain Scott! Can't imagine a more perfect job and experience for him.

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