Sunday, October 09, 2011

Greetings from Port Louis, Grenada!


Anonymous said...

if i read correctly, the fishing up to now has been a bit slow. Here are my thoughts:
1. Use more 'Rapallas', like 20cm lenghts. The are more lively in slow speeds. Just be careful in handling them.
2. Bottom fishing is easy, fun and your chance of catching supper is great: Get a handline and roll, 50 lbs line, leds and small hooks. Tie the led at the end of the line, upwards 3 hooks, at a distance, ca. 20 cm from the line, bait with anything like strips of meat, fish, squid, prawns etc. You can fish at anker or floating in like 20 to 200 ft and most likely you'll catch your supper. It's fun, because there is action. Somebody might have to show you the first time. Also how to lay down the incoming line in a way that it doesn't tangle. - Take care. Rico Torriani, Mombasa, Kenya.

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