Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spirited Lady

Boy did it feel good to get out on the water yesterday!  

Sometimes, you just have to take opportunities as they come.  My mom and I showed up at the marina pool in the morning thinking we were just heading to aqua aerobics, and next thing we new we we were invited to crew on this incredibly beautiful boat's 3rd birthday sail because they were shorthanded a few crew members.  I wasn't sure if my mom was up for it - but of course she was and next thing we knew we were whisked off to sea and had the most lovely day in the Caribbean sun.  Boy have I missed sailing!!  We had a lovely sail up the coast to Flamingo Bay in a stiff 15-20 knots of breeze aboard the Spirit Yacht "Spirited Lady" (if you knew the owner/skipper, Suzy, the name would instantly make sense - she is a character to say the least!).  It was a wonderful day and ended with a delicious dinner at a fabulous gem of a local restaurant I had never found before (more about it soon!).  We were even treated to a little adventure when our dinghy ran out of gas on the way home at 10:30pm and we had to row, row, row out boat back to the marina (and of course, Suzy led the other three ladies in song while I cursed myself for not filling up the tank last week like I had planned).  My bad.

It's amazing what leaving your plans open can do for a day down here!

When opportunity knocks, open the door.

Brittany & Scott

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